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SERVES FROM 11am – 4pm

Vitello Tonnato Carpaccio

of veal with tuna, tarragon and parmesan sauce, capers, pine nuts and croutons. (Eggs, milk, nuts, fish, mustard)

kr 175,-

Fish gratin of the house

with butter boiled apples, peas, carrots. Serve with Potato, remoulade and bacon (Fish, wheat, milk, eggs, mustard)

kr 155,-

Moules Mariniere

Mussels steamed with cream, white wine, parsley and garlic. Serve with french fries and aioli.(Milk, sulfite, molluscs, eggs)

kr 185,-

Ceasar salad with grilled chicken

Serve with croutons, parmesan, carrot, bacon, pickled red onion, tomatoes, romano salad and ceasar dressing of the house. (Eggs, fish, rye, wheat, milk, mustard)

kr 165,-

Creamy fish soup

with today’s catch of fish and shellfish. Vegetables and parsley oil. Serve with bread and butter.(Milk, fish, shellfish, molluscs, wheat, celery, sulfite)

kr 135,-

Chickpea soup

with coconut milk and red curry. Serve with bread and butter. (Wheat, rye)

kr 110,-

Vegetarian salad

Today’s vegetables, chickpeas, hummus, croutons. (Wheat, rye)

kr 145,-

Vervets sausage with bread

Served with homemade ketchup, pickled fennel and cucumber, coarse-grain mustard.(Mustard, wheat, barley, malt)

kr 99,-

The Workers’ Lunch

Fried potato, bacon and sausages. Serve with fried eggs, bread and butter.(Eggs, mustard, wheat, rye)

kr 125,-

Grilled burger – Ground chuck

Cheddar, homemade ketchup, grilled red onion, romano salad and tomato. Serve with french fries and aioli. (Wheat, eggs, milk, mustard)

kr 175,-

Grilled whale burger

Romano salad, tomato, grilled red onion and aioli. Served with french fries.(Wheat, eggs, mustard, milk, fish)

kr 175,-

Skagen sandwich

Grilled rye bread with smoked salmon, shrimp, red onion, horseradish, dill, lemon, lettuce, tomato.(Shellfish, mustard, milk, rye, wheat, fish)

kr 155,-

Local Stockfish from Halvors,

with grated herb crust, fish veloute, carrot, potato, bacon and herbal oil. (milk, fish, wheat)

kr 255,-

French Fries


kr 45,-

Sweet dessert after Lunch

Fondant with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce

kr 135,-


The chef’s beef tartare

Coarsely ground beef, capers, dijon, egg yolk, fried beet, chevre, balsamico and cress.

kr 155,-

Grilled Arctic Scallops

Served with a variety of cauliflower, puffed barley, lovage emulsion and green oil. (Molluscs, eggs, mustard, barley, milk)

kr 199,-

Halibut cured in herbs

Fennel, radish, rye chips, green oil, smoked sour cream. (Fish, milk, rye, wheat)

kr 155,-

Creamy shellfish soup

Today’s shellfish, dill emulsion, vegetables.(Shellfish, molluscs, wheat, rye, eggs, mustard, celery, milk)

kr 140,-

Vegetarian tartar

Beet, shallots, dijon, cress, balsamic, puffed barley, cauliflower puree. (Mustard, barley)

kr 130,-


Pan fried halibut

Variety of leeks, white wine sauce, gr, cress,pickled cucumber and butter boiled potatoes.(Fish, milk, sulfites)

kr 309,-

Pan-fried Arctic char

Potato and Jerusalem artichoke puree with parsley and caramelized garlic, turnip and browned butter vinaigrette. (Milk, fish)

kr 309,-

Baked Clipfish

Serve with Pearl coucous, barigoule and parsley sauce.(Fish, wheat, sulfites, milk)

kr 355,-


Grilled butcher steak

Grilled red onion, browned onion puree, sautéed black cabbage and chimichurri.(Milk)

kr 355,-

Grilled Whale steak

Grilled red onion, browned onion puree, sautéed black cabbage and chimichurri.(Milk, Fish)

kr 329,-

Grilled Sirloin of goat,

rilette of goat, variety of jerusalem artichokes, green oil and pickled radish.(Milk)

kr 310,-

Confit chicken

Barley Risotto with green asparagus, fried kale, pickled onions and roasted demiglace.(Barley, milk)

kr 299,-

Grilled cauliflower

Barley Risotto, leeks, mushroom stock, almond and chimichurri.(Barley)

kr 220,-


Almond cake

with chocolate, amaretto foam, toasted almonds, dark chocolate ice cream, roasted white chocolate.(Nuts, milk)

kr 155,-

Baked rhubarb with strawberries

Rhubarb jelly, strawberry sorbet, madeleine crumble, rhubarb mousse. (Milk, wheat, eggs)

kr 155,-

Garden dessert

Mascarpone cheese, raspberry and pear sorbet, pistachios, sponge cake, raspberry curd, chocolate dirt, mint, berries (Wheat, eggs)

kr 155,-

Cheese plate,

rye cracker and tomato jam with vanilla and star anise (rye, milk)

kr 165,-


kr 145,-


Beer & Cider


Barmenu & Cocktails