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SERVES FROM 11am – 4pm

Pumpkin soup

with coconut milk, fennel, carrot and roasted pumpkin seeds. Served with bread and butter. (Wheat, rye, milk)

kr 135,-


with fish, shrimps and mussels. Rouille, fennel and carrots. Served with bread and butter. (Wheat, rye, milk, fish, molluscs, shellfish, eggs, sulfites)

kr 145,-

Goat gratin

Tomato sauce, parmesan and potato purée.
Served with green salad. (Milk)

kr 175,-

Grilled burger of ground chuck roll

Cheddar, homemade ketchup, aioli, variety of onions, romaine lettuce and tomatoes.
Served with pommes frites. (Wheat, eggs, mustard, milk)

kr 175,-

Grilled Beyond Burger

Variety of onions, homemade ketchup,
romaine lettuce and tomatoes. Served with pommes frites. (Wheat, milk)

kr 175,-

Caesar salad with grilled chicken

Croutons, parmesan, carrots, bacon, pickled red onions, tomatoes,
romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing. (Eggs, fish, rye, wheat, milk, mustard)

kr 165,-

Grilled ryebread

with porkbelly, caramelized onion and cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and dijonnaise. (Mustard, wheat, rye, milk)

kr 165,-

Confit duckleg

bean casserole with truffleaioli and gremolata. (Mustard, eggs, milk)

kr 185,-

Steamed mussels in green curry and coconut milk

Gremolata and roasted sesame seeds. Served with bread and butter. (Molluscs, wheat, rye, sesame, milk)

kr 185,-

Fish a gratin

Served with butter cooked apples, peas, potatoes, tartar sauce and bacon. (Fish, wheat, milk, egg, mustard)

kr 155,-

The Workers’ Lunch

Fried potato, bacon and sausages. Serve with fried eggs, bread and butter.(Eggs, mustard, wheat, rye)

kr 135,-

Herb gratinated local stockfish

Served with ratatouille, potatoes, bacon and aioli with peppers. (Fish, wheat, mustard, milk, eggs)

kr 255,-

Sweet dessert after Lunch

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce. (Milk)

kr 135,-


Creamed soup of Jerusalem

artichoke with braised reindeer tongue and
black summer truffle. (Milk, sulfite)

kr 155,-

Fried scallops

with dashi, fermented fennel, lovage, seaweed and black root.
(Molluscs, eggs, mustard, barley, milk)

kr 199,-

Smoked duck breast

with caramelized duck liver, brioche, cherries and lentils.
(Milk, wheat, sulfite, barley and eggs)

kr 165,-

The head chef’s veal tartare

Ground tenderloin of veal with pine nut paste, pickled shallots and butter with anchovies and lemon. (Milk, nuts, fish and eggs)

kr 175,-

Vegetarian tartar

Beet, shallots, dijon, cress, balsamic, puffed barley and cauliflower cream. (Mustard, barley)

kr 135,-


Baked halibut

with potatoes, butter fried carrots and walnuts. Smoked hollandaise. (Fish, milk, sulfites, nuts, eggs)

kr 345,-

Baked Clipfish

with carrot purée and potatoes.
Capers, sage and shallots reduction. (Fish, milk, sulfites)

kr 355,-


Braised lamb shank

with red cabbage and glazed carrots.
Orange, red wine sauce and potato purée with gruyere. (Milk, sulfites)

kr 350,-

Filet of reindeer

with fried black root and variety of chestnut. Chanterelle, potatoes and mustard sauce. (Milk, mustard)

kr 375,-

Braised ox cheeks

with baked carrots and mushrooms.
Bacon, potato purée and red wine sauce. (Milk, sulfites)

kr 355,-


Porkbelly stuffed with pistachios, bacon, onion, garlic and lemon. Served with sauteed cabbage, celeriac pure, madeira sauce and deep fried skin.
(Milk, pistachios, mustard)

kr 355,-


Nut roast

with ratatouille, gremolata , mushrooms and vegetables. (Sulfites, nuts)

kr 230,-


Sticky toffee pudding

with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce and caramelized pecan nuts (Eggs, wheat, milk, nuts)

kr 155,-

Panna cotta with cloudberry

Norwegian waffle, smoked sour cream
and brown cheese ice cream. (Milk, wheat, eggs)

kr 160,-

Cheese plate,

Cheese plate with fruit bread and compote of figs and dates.

kr 185,-


kr 45,-


Beer & Cider


Barmenu & Cocktails