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SERVES FROM 11am – 4pm

Duck terrine

with brioche, cherries and salad.
(Wheat, egg, melk)

kr 175,-

Sandwich with ox brisket

red onion jam, dijonnaise, lettuce and tomato. Served with french fries and aioli. (Wheat, rye, mustard, milk, egg)

kr 169,-

Fish and Chips

cod tongue and french fries with pea puree, tartar sauce and lemon. (Wheat, egg, milk, fish, mustard)

kr 185,-

Baked clipfish

with potatoes, peas, cabbage, bacon and beurre blanc with tarragon. (Fish, melk, sulfite)

kr 255,-

The workers lunch

Fried potatoes, bacon and sausages.
Served with fried egg, mustard and grilled bread. (Wheat, rye, egg, milk, mustard)

kr 145,-

Chicken salad

With red curry marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato chutney, beans and chimichurri vinaigrette. (Sulfite)

kr 165,-

Vegetarian salad

with beans, tomato, tomato chutney, pickled red onions, hummus, and chimihurri vinaigrette. (Sulfite)

kr 145,-

Carrot and dill soup

with pumpkin seeds, deep fried carrot and dill oil. Served with bread and butter. (Wheat, rye, sulfite, milk)

kr 145,-

Grilled burger of ground chuck roll

Salad, tomato, homemade ketchup, aioli, bacon, cheddar and gruyère, red onion jam and fried oyster mushrooms. Served with french fries and aioli. (Wheat, egg, mustard, sulfite, milk)

kr 185,-

Grilled vegetarian burger

– Beyond Burger
Salad, tomato, homemade ketchup, red onion jam, and fried oyster mushrooms. Served with french fries and homemade ketchup. (Sulfite)

kr 175,-

Steamed mussels

in green curry and coconut milk, with gremolata and roasted sesame seeds. Served with bread and butter. (Mollucs, wheat, rye, milk)

kr 185,-

French fries and aioli


kr 45,-


SERVES FROM 11am – 4pm

Chocolate fondant

with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce (Wheat, egg, milk)

kr 135,-

Panna Cotta

with raspberry sorbet and crystallized chocolate. (milk)

kr 135,-


Ask your waiter for today’s selection

kr 45,-


Smoked halibut

with lemon, apple, cucumber, chives oil and rye chips. (Rye, fish, sulfite)

kr 155,-

Creamy mussel soup

with deep fried mussels, fermented parsley root, herb oil, blackened leek oil, couscous and deep fried leek. (Milk, wheat, molluscs, egg)

kr 165,-

Cod cheeks

confited in halibut fat with smoked celeriac carpaccio, lovage, Deep fried skin of clipfish, sour cream and white asparagus. (Fish, celery, milk, sulfite)

kr 175,-

Reindeer tartare

with Västerbotten cream, variety of horseradish, egg yolk, gin infused pear and oat flakes. (Milk, oat, egg)

kr 199,-

Miso gratinated turnip

with tahini, fermented cabbage and potato flakes. (Sesame, soy)

kr 155,-


Cod loins

with roe croquette, bacon cooked with vinegar, raddichio salad and potato pureé with leek. (Fish, wheat, egg, sulfite, milk)

kr 345,-

Local stockfish

with sautéed cabbage, peas, sauerkraut, potato chips and potatoes. Topped with potato and anchovies foam. (fish, milk, sulfite, mustard)

kr 355,-


with glazed chicken, barley risotto, sage, demiglace, fennel, Crispy chicken skin, carrot and pickled lemon. (fish, barley, milk, sulfite, celery)

kr 375,-


Braised lamb shank

with carrot pureé, sautéed carrot, parsnip and potatoes, pistachio, red wine sauce and fried carrot and garlic. (Nuts, pistachio, celery, milk, sulfite)

kr 355,-

Brisket from ox

with mustard veloute, glazed beets, potato pureé with gruyère, cabbage and fried garlic. (Milk, mustard, celery, sulfite)

kr 365,-


with celeriac pureé, mushrooms, creamy black morel sauce with Madeira, pear salad with lingon, pear chips and roasted potatoes. (Milk, sulfite, celery)

kr 385,-


Cabbage terrine

with beans, mushrooms, onions and carrots. Served with sauerkraut, barley, mushroom pureé and gremolata. (Barley, sulfite)

kr 235,-



Almond cake with dark chocolate mousse, crystallized chocolate and chocolate flakes. Served with raspberry sorbet. (Nuts, almonds, egg, milk)

kr 155,-

Apple and sour cream

Walnut cake with apple and sour cream panna cotta, churros and apple syrup. Served wih sour cream and youhurt ice cream. (Nuts, walenut, egg, wheat)

kr 155,-

Pumpkin and fennel

 Pumpkin cake with fennel foam, licorice, cream cheese, fennel chips and pickled pumkin. Served with chervil granité. (Egg, milk)

kr 155,-

Cheese Plate

Served with muesli bread and tomato chutney with vanilla. (milk, rye, wheat, sulfite)

kr 185,-


Served with crystallized chocolate.

kr 45,-


Beer & Cider


Barmenu & Cocktails