11am – 3:30pm

Fish a gratin

Topped with potatoes, peas, carrots and bacon. Served with tartar sauce on the side. (Fish, wheat, milk, egg, mustard, sulfite)      

kr 160,-

Baked bokna fish from Halvors

With potato purée, beetroot salad and grilled beets. Served with bacon and a butter sauce with herbs. (Fish, milk, sulfite)    

kr 255,-

Creamy fish soup

With today’s fish, shrimps and mussels. Topped with crudité. Served with bread and butter. (Wheat, rye, fish, shellfish, mollusks, milk, sulfite)

kr 175,-

Fish & Chips

Deep fried cod tongue and french fries. Served with pea purée, tartar sauce and lemon. (Fish, wheat, egg, mustard, sulfite)

kr 215,-

The workers lunch

Fried potatoes, onions, bacon and Vervet sausages. Served with fried egg, mustard and grilled bread. (Wheat, rye, egg, milk, mustard)

kr 160,-

Moroccan marinated chicken salad

Served with yoghurt vinaigrette, apples, hazelnuts, chevre and pickled red onions. (Nuts, hazelnuts, milk, sulfite)

kr 185,-

Bookmaker sandwich

Grilled skirt steak on bread with dijon mayonnaise, salad, pickled red onions and baked cherry tomatoes. Topped with poached egg ad horseradish. (Wheat, rye, egg, mustard, sulfite)

kr 185,-

Minestrone soup

With pasta, tomato confit, beans celeriac and carrots. Served with bread and butter. (Wheat, rye, milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 155,-

Grilled secreto iberico

With potatoes, baked parsnip, pickled red onions and tenderstem broccoli. Served with apple velouté. (Milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 255,-


In a creamy sauce of coconut milk and chipotle. Topped with tomato salsa. Served with bread and butter. (Mollusks, wheat, rye, milk, sulfite)

kr 210,-

Grilled burger of ground chuck roll

With cheddar, bacon, salad, tomato, caramelized onions, homemade ketchup and aioli. Served with french fries and aioli. (Wheat, milk, egg, mustard, sulfite) 

kr 225,-

Reindeer burger

Wirth salad, caramelized onions, bacon, red cabbage, lingonberries, aioli and pickled red onions.(Wheat, milk, egg, mustard, sulfite) 

kr 255,-

Grilled vegetarian burger

– Beyond Burger

Salad, tomato, homemade ketchup and gourmet onions. Served with french fries and homemade ketchup. (Sulfites, egg, milk, wheat)

kr 185,-

French fries and aioli

(Egg, mustard, sulfites)

kr 45,-

Loaded fries

With bacon, parmesan, shallots and aioli. (Egg, mustard, sulfites, milk)

kr 75,-


11am – 3:30 pm

Gateau Marcel

French chocolate cake served with with vanilla ice cream. (Milk, egg)

kr 135,-

Passion fruit Panna Cotta

Served with raspberry sorbet. (milk)

kr 135,-


Ask your waiter for today’s selection

kr 45,-

Homemade confection of the day


kr 40,-