17:00 – 22:00

Cured arctic char

With al dente potatoes, sour cream with dill oil. Served with fermented fennel and fennel crudite, topped witth trout roe and potato chips. (Fish, milk)

kr 165,-

Shellfish Soup

Served with shrimps, pickled cauliflower and green oil. (Shellfish, milk, celery, sulfites)

kr 170,-

Tartar of reindeer

With pickled and deep-fried kohlrabi. Topped with black garlic emulsion and pickled mustard seeds. (Egg, mustard, sulfites)

kr 185,-

Stock fish salad

With variations of pumpkin. Served with clip fish skin and chervil. Topped with a pumpkin foam. (Fish, sulfites)

kr 165,-

Pumpkin soup

With pickled pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin foam. Served with roasted hazelnuts and dill oil. (Nuts, hazelnuts, celery)

kr 155,-


17:00 – 22:00

Baked halibut

With fried celeriac, potatoes and baked beets. Served with mussel stock and deep fried mussels. Topped with a lemon emulsion and beet crudité. (Fish, molluscs, sulfites, egg, mustard, wheat, celery, milk)

kr 375,-

Choose between baked bokna fish or lutefish from Halvors

With carrot- and swede mash pea puree, potatoes and bacon. Served with brown cheese, mustard and syrup. Including one refill of lutefish (Fish, sulfites, soy)

kr 385,-/525,-

Fish of the day

With potatoes topped with capers and fennel in browned butter. Served with celeriac puree, pickled gourmet onions horseradish and sour cream sauce with dill. (Fish, milk, celery, sulfites)

kr 375,-


17:00 – 22:00

Grilled reindeer

With a pommes anna, fried mushrooms with carrot and celeriac. Served with a celeriac puree, pickled gourmet onions and port wine sauce. (Celery, sulfites, milk, egg)

kr 420,-

Slow cooked beef

With potato puree, bacon, baked carrot, pickled gourmet onions and fried mushrooms. Served with red wine sauce and deep fried garlic. (Celery, sulfites, milk)

kr 385,-

Lamb shank

With alligot, sautéed red cabbage, baked carrot and a red cabbage salad with orange and apricot. Served with apricot curd, roasted almonds and lamb broth. (Milk, almonds, sulfites)

kr 380,-

Grilled pork belly

Marinated in beer. With baked potatoes, carrot puree, fried brussels sprouts and bacon. Served with calvados-and apple velouté, topped with red cabbage crudité and with pistachios. (Milk, sulfites, nuts, pistachios, celery)

kr 385,-


17:00 – 22:00

Nut roast

With pea puree, sautéed brussel sprouts, baked carrot. hummus and pickled gourmet onions. Topped with red cabbage salad with orange and apricot. (Almonds, soy, sesame, sulfites)

kr 285,-


17:00 – 22:00

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Warm date cake served with vanilla ice cream, salty caramel sauce and caramelized pecans. (Milk, egg, wheat, nuts pecans)

kr 165,-

Brown cheese

Petit choux filles with a brown cheese mousse. Served with fennel sherbet and fennel crudité. Topped with pistachio crunch. (Egg, milk, oats, nuts, pistachio)

kr 165,-


Sponge cake served with a cherry sorbet and dark chocolate flakes. Served with pickled cherries, a cherry syrup and chocolate ganache. (Egg, milk)

kr 165,-

Cheese Plate

Served with müsli bread and a tomato and vanilla chutney. (Milk, rye, wheat, sulfite)

kr 220,-

Petit four

A selection of homemade sweets. (Egg, milk)

kr 155,-

Homemade Sorbet

Ask your waiter for today’s selection.

kr 75,-