17:00 – 22:00

Cured halibut

With sour cream, dehydrated oloves, pickled red onion curd, tomato sorbet and deep fried rosemary. (Fish, milk, sulfite)

kr 185,-

Grilled scallops

With walnut purée, pan fried beets, beet chips, fermented raspberries and fermented endive. (Mollusks, shellfish, nuts – walnuts)

kr 235,-

Glazed and slow cooked pork

With smoked rutabaga, hazelnuts, deep fried rutabaga and a beer sauce. (Wheat, barley, nuts – hazelnuts)

kr 205,-

Creamy mushroom soup

With deep fried egg yolk, smoked and dried reindeer and parsley root. (Celery, wheat, egg, milk, sulfite)

kr 195,-

Pumpkin soup

With pickled pumpkin, hazelnuts and smoked rutabaga. (Nuts – hazelnuts, celery, sulfite) 

kr 185,-


17:00 – 22:00

Bouillabaisse with pan fried halibut

With mussels, potatoes, rouille and shellfish salad with shrimps and grilled paprika. Topped with crudité and tomato tuiles. (Fish, shellfish, mollusks, wheat, milk, egg, celery, sulfite)

kr 405,-

Pan fried clipfish of cod from Halvors

With pumpkin purée, pickled pumpkin and roasted potatoes. Served with a chorizo sauce, grilled onions and sautéed green cabbage. (Fish, egg, sulfite)

kr 405,-

Fish of the day

With Jerusalem artichoke and potato purée, oxtail ragu and turnip. Served with a browned butter sauce with apples. (Fish, milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 310,-


17:00 – 22:00

Grilled reindeer

With potato terrine, grilled carrots, carrot foam and fried mushrooms. Served with cranberry curd and a creamy red wine sauce with cranberry and bone marrow. (Milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 425,-


With mushroom risotto, sauteed green cabbage, fried mushrooms and deep fried garlic. Served with a browned butter sauce with capers and pickled lemon. (Milk, sulfite)

kr 410,-

Braised beef

With baked Jerusalem artichoke, potato purée with herbs and a variation of cauliflower. Served with a red wine sauce with chipotle. (Milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 295,-


17:00 – 22:00

Grilled and truffle glazed cauliflower

With pumpkin purée, smoked almonds, fried mushrooms and caramelized onions. (Nuts – amlonds, sulfite)

kr 285,-


17:00 – 22:00

Vanilla & caramel

Créme brulée served with caramelize popcorn ice cream, licorice syrup, caramel tuiles and popcorn meringue. (Milk, egg)

kr 195,-

Lingonberries & pear

Lingonberry cake and lingonberry marinated pears served with cinnamon ice cream, lingonberry sorbet, pear chips and lingonberry gel. (Wheat, milk, egg)

kr 175,-


Apple terrine served with homemade brown cheese cream, caramelized honey ice cream, churros and apple chips. (Wheat, milk, egg)

kr 175,-

Cheese Plate

Served with müsli bread and a tomato and vanilla chutney. (Milk, rye, wheat, sulfite)

kr 220,-

Homemade Sorbet

Ask your waiter for today’s selection.

kr 95,-

Petit four

Homemade sweets. (Allergens will vary)

kr 165,-