From 17:00

King crab

Served with lemon and aioli. (Shellfish, egg, mustard, sulfite)

kr 390,-

42 degrees cured salmon

With pumpkin carpaccio, pumpkin purée, basil sorbet and pickled gourmet onions. Topped with deep-fried salmon skin and apple chips. (Fish, sulfite)

kr 185,-

Grilled veal tartar

With pistachio emulsion, pickled cucumber, grilled gourmet onions and pistachio chips. (Nuts – pistachios, egg, sulfite)

kr 235,-

Jerusalem artichoke soup

With sautéed green cabbage and mushrooms, deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke, chestnut purée and apple. (Nuts – chestnuts, celery, soy, sulfite)

kr 185,-


From 17:00

Steamed cod

With sautéed cabbage, pickled carrots, horseradish and butter boiled potatoes. Served with deep-fried fish skin, pork belly with garlic confit, white wine sauce and butter with anchovy. (Fish, milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 395,-

Catch of the day

With variation of leek, fried potato cubes and beet salad with leek oil. Served with beurre blanc with trout roe and tarragon. (Fish, milk, sulfite)

kr 385,-

Grilled reindeer and reindeer sausage

With walnut purée, apple terrine, sauteed celeriac, gratinated and deep-fried potatoes. Served with a red wine sauce. (Nuts – walnuts, wheat, milk, egg, selery, sulfite)

kr 455,-

Veal short rib

With vegetables brunoise with parmesan oil and potato purée with parmesan. Served with a tomato based beef sauce and gremolata. (Milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 425,-

Cabbage roulade

Filled with mushrooms, onion, carrot, celeriac and black rice. Served with hummus of caramelized carrot, pumpkin and chickpeas. Topped with fermented cabbage, pickled carrots and gremolata. (Celery, sulfite)

kr 355,-


From 17:00


Chocolate terrine served with caramelized hazelnut ice cream, crystalized white chocolate with beets, beet chips and chocolate vinaigrette. (Nuts – hazelnuts, milk, egg, sulfite)

kr 185,-


Orange curd and sponge cake with orange served with mint sorbet, yoghurt ice cream and mint- and lime meringue. (Wheat, milk, egg)

kr 175,-

Homemade sorbet or ice cream

Ask your waiter for today’s selection.

kr 95,-

Petit four

Homemade sweets. (Allergens will vary)

kr 165,-