17:00 – 22:00


In a warm tomato consommé with marinated zucchini, confit cherry tomato and a parsley emulsion. Served with green pepper salsa and scallop bottarga. (Shellfish, egg, celery, sulfite)

kr 220,-

Tartar of veal

With pickled carrots, cucumber, gourmet onions and cauliflower. Served with a Västerbotten mousse and rye breadcrumbs. (Wheat, rye, milk, mustard. sulfite)

kr 185,-

Terrine of cod

With a lobster cream sauce, grilled pepper salsa and a smoked shellfish emulsion. (Fish, shellfish, milk, egg, celery, sulfite)

kr 175,-

Chicken liver parfait

And brioce with an onion and port wine compôte. Served with mushrooms and an apple salat with pistachios. (Wheat, milk, egg, pistashios, sulfite)

kr 175,-

Tomato consommé

With marinated zucchini, pommes noisette and cherry tomato confit. Served with green pepper salsa and roasted chickpeas. (Celery, sulfite)

kr 165,-


17:00 – 22:00

Pan fried halibut

With a carrot and leek couscous, baked gourmet onions and a apple and king crab salad. Served with a creamy king cram sauce and king crab oil. (Fish, shellfish, wheat, milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 395,-

Baked clipfish from Halvors

With roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini, peppers and eggplant. Served with pickled gourmet onions and a paprika sauce. (Fish, sulfite)

kr 390,-

Filet of cod and grilled pork belly

With potato purée, red cabbage and baked parsnips. Served with a cream sauce with bacon and thyme. (Fish, milk, sulfite)

kr 390,-


17:00 – 22:00

Grilled reindeer

With potato- and Västerbotten cheese croquet, deep fried parsley root, sauteed kale and parsley root. Served with a creamy morel sauce, fried mushrooms and a cloudberry curd. (Wheat, milk, sulfite, egg, celery)

kr 420,-

Slow cooked beef

With celeriac purée, grilled beets and baked gourmet onions. Served with a demi glace, shredded potato fries and horseradish. (Milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 385,-

Filet of lamb

With carrot purée, roasted potatoes, tenderstem broccoli and sauteed parsley root. Served with lamb broth, pickled carrots and deep fried capers. (Milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 395,-

Grilled and braised pork cheek

With an orange- and red cabbage salad, potato purée with herbs and sauteed red cabbage. Served with baked parsnips and an apple velouté. (Milk, celery, sulfite)

kr 385,-


17:00 – 22:00

Crispy celeriac

With grilled fennel, pickled gourmet onions and celeriac purée. Served with a carrot and leek couscous. (Wheat, celery, sulfite)

kr 285,-


17:00 – 22:00

Rice and raspberries

Warm rice cake with raspberry sauce and ice cream of black rice. Topped with dried raspberries and black rice chips. (Milk, egg)

kr 165,-

Chocolate soufflé

Served with crystalized white chocolate and a cararmel- and star anise ice cream. (Milk, egg)

kr 175,-


Chickpea cake, lemon curd, yoghurt ice cream with lemon verbena and strawberry- and mint sorbet. Served with chickpea- and pistachio biscuits. (Milk, pistachios)

kr 165,-

Cheese Plate

Served with müsli bread and a tomato and vanilla chutney. (Milk, rye, wheat, sulfite)

kr 220,-

Petit four

A selection of homemade sweets. (Egg, milk)

kr 155,-

Homemade Sorbet

Ask your waiter for today’s selection.

kr 75,-